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This is Direct3D and OpenGL Device Capabilities Database. For each graphics adapter in the database you can learn its Direct3D 8 and 9 capabilities, supported texture formats and OpenGL extensions. You can also easily compare graphics adapters feature-wise or search for adapters supporting features you're interested in.

This database is a primary help for 3D engine architects allowing them to predict how to implement particular effects to cover the broadest range of available hardware.

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The "Wizard" will guide you through the feature selection process, building a query to the database:

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The market of graphics hardware is very dynamic. Every quarter many new graphics cards hit the shelves. In order to be helpful and up-to-date, this database needs to be systematically maintained. Therefore if you have access to adapters which are not in the database yet, please dump their capabilities using the utility available here below and send them to me.

The utility for dumping the caps produces one text file - devcaps.txt. Please send this file to
d3dcaps [at] chris [dot] dragan [dot] name

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If you own a computer which is running something other than Windows (e.g. Linux, Mac, SGI, gaming console, etc.) and has 3D graphics capabilities, you can also dump its OpenGL extensions. In order to do it, download and unpack the archive with sources. It contains GL extension dumper (OpenGL INFO). This is a tiny C application which relies upon GLUT and dumps the extensions to devcaps.txt file. The only thing for you to do is to compile it for your target platfrom.